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I do not particularly want to be around here at the moment.
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So, in the past month or so, the following has occured.

* My father has died of lung cancer
* I was missing for two weeks with my son and brother
* My stepfather killed himself because my father is dead
* My husband threatened to kill me
* I left my husband

Let's see? What next? Shall I get brain cancer? Get hit by a car? Is my son going to rapid age to 50? Oh, I know, could I get replaced with a robot? Maybe turn into a donkey? Some creepy teen novel romance crap with my brother? Get infected with a chestburster? No?
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I am not coming back there, at least not at the present time. Take from that whatever you like. Please don't come here.

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*Jonathan will find that any books or things that he has left at Izzy's house have been packed neatly into a box and pinpointed to his house.

Along with a note.*

I need time to think, and I cannot be around you while I do that. I do love you, Jonathan, but at this point I do not believe you and I do not believe that you wouldn't hurt me.

I'll send you a letter next week, maybe. I don't know. Talk to Doctor Anders, and we'll see.
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I don't really feel like thinking about this shit right now.
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Happy Valentine's Day.
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Dearest family o'mine:

Any family member over the age of 25 who does not have their taxes filed by two weeks from now is getting stabbed in the throat with my good ballpoint pen.

If you think I am kidding, just test me.



PS: This includes anyone in space or alternate universe. I AM NOT KIDDING, PEOPLE.
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This is just...ridiculous.
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I have a lot of scars I don't remember having. That is probably worth noting.
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Let us recap this shitz-wa, shall we.

* My son is 18
* My daughter is in France
* Tommy is married and has a baby
* I apparently know some one not married to Donna that is named Jonathan.
* At some point I was dead.

Am I missing anything?
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Has my son always been 18? And when did Tommy get a baby?
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I keep thinking I should be working, but I don't have any jobs scheduled. I am having a very oddball day.


Dec. 17th, 2006 09:37 pm
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Create your own friendquiz here

Edit: ....uh. yeah. fixed that.
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John John John. I have books for you. Books! For you!

I also have chicken.


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