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So, a bit of an update. A fuck of a lot of an update, actually.

Paul got his ass raptured, apparently. Elise? NOT SO MUCH. Her face was tomato. Lilly? Also raptured. So Donna's son's clearly having himself one HELL of a party up there.

The Batmobile broke a wheel. But ohhhh, Joker got away. :(

Tommy died a few months back. Heart attack. In front of the tv. Eating donuts. I am not fucking kidding with this shit. Penny and Inessa are still here, Penny owns Tommy's share of the club.

Sammy moved into the house, which is awesome. Free radio ads! Among...other things. >_>

I'm just workin' the club now. Melissa and Adam are in various schools, and doing fine. Melissa has a boyfriend, in fact! Adam is....sciencing.

I'm probably leaving a ton of stuff out. Whatever! Things are good. Great, even.
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It's raining fish.

That's great.

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I wonder if people who don't know what I do ever wonder why the hell I travel so much. Hm.
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What are you afraid to say, unless it's anonymous? Say it here. It could be something you're afraid to say to me or to someone else: an employer, a friend or loved one. Perhaps it is something you're afraid to say about your world or the Nexus. Perhaps it is a secret you've been keeping. Say it here.

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Happy birthday, brother-o-mine.
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Fish day was full of fish and day.

That was also way over a month ago. Oh, way to update, Izzy.

Still dating Sammy. A-ok awesome on that front.

Jobs doing well.

Family doing well.

Good lord, find something interesting to update with.
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Work is fine. Kids are fine. Everything is fine fine fine.
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Not much new at all. >_>
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It is good to know these things. Did you know, if you leave someone because they're psychologically abusive that appears to be bordering on physically abusive, it is absolutely your fault if they feel bad that you left?

That is amazingly, I was totally unaware of this. Obviously, I need to adjust my worldview accordingly.
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One week til Fiiishday.
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So, went to a cake auction. 180 bucks for a cake! Boggling.

Saw "Grindhouse". Well, theoretically, I saw Grindhouse. I was in the theatre, and it was playing.

I cannot believe I almost forgot about Fish Day.
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Milkshakes at the diner tomorrow. That ought to be swell.

I am sure someone'll get on my case about dating this fast. To them, I bid a fond 'fuck off'.
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Is three a fetish? Hm.
I'm going to start working out of the club again, as that's the best place to do what needs doing. Dad's...friends are going to start needing things soon, and I'll have to take care of that. Dad wanted me to take care of that, and I need to get off my lazy ass and start doing something.

We should probably work on more expansion for the club. I don't really know anything about that, but it'll work out. And I'll probably take Adam up and visit his sister sometime this weekend.

Not Sunday. Job on Sunday.


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